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About myPOS

All in one Point Of Sale Software

myPOS is not just a point of sale software. myPOS has lot of features to highlight, From multi company management, multi locations, offline / online integration, full integrated accounting system, friendly interface, easy-to-use inventory management and barcode scanning, to very flexible reporting and mobile reporting. It is designed to be an all-in-one solution for your business.

myPOS mobile reporting keeps you connected with your business all the time without having a consistent internet connection and hence lowering the cost. Give it a try by downloading the demo version or give us a call if you are looking for a custom made application.

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Ease Of Access

Internet is not the essential element to run myPOS software but still you can access online reports which becomes very handy now a days

myPOS automatically synchronize data whenever system receives internet connection so internet is not necessary to run this software which makes myPOS software prominent in market.

myPOS setup and ready to trade within minutes. myPOS works with almost all POS hardware. Get started with guides and a 24-hour customer support team.

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what makes myPOS prominent?

Keep Full Control

Complete Awareness

Always have a complete awareness of your inventory levels, eliminating many unnecessary stock takes. Monitor your wastage and shrinkage, whilst ensuring you always have your best-selling products in stock.

Streamline the stock ordering process by automatically raising purchase orders, and easily manage inter-location stock transfer.

myPOS is serving 15000+ customers globally.

We also develop custom applications as per the customer's requirements.

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Useful info

  • myPOS allows to print barcodes
  • Quickly upload products
  • Complete Accoutning
  • LPO, PDC, Bank Accounts
  • Mobile Reporting
  • User Access Levels

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Our free version covers all basic sales functions.

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