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Best POS Software Solution For Tailoring Shops

MyPOS TailorPro is the most effective and fully advanced tailor management system, which covers all the activity of a tailor related business.

It will help your business grow faster and it has never been easier to manage your tailor workload and pending jobs.
Our Tailoring Point of Sale solution will help you to manage customers, get advance alerts regarding order delivery which helps to grow your business and increase sales.
Our comprehensive booking system makes your life headache free and lets your business a step ahead from others.

Key Features For Tailor Management Software

Our point-of-sale software offers an optimal solution for tailor management to
ensure smooth operations and increased customer satisfaction.
We provide a user-friendly system to efficiently manage inventory
resiliently process sales.

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Tailor and Fabric Shop Management Software

MyPOS Data Systems Limited, we offer the premier tailor and fabric store management software solution to operate your business meticulously.
Our comprehensive system enhances efficiency and advancement through numerous features specially built for tailoring, clothing, and fabric companies.
Seamlessly integrated with FBR requirements, our desktop software provides precision in handling all aspects of your store - from inventory to sales to taxes.
We are just a click away from providing an ideal business optimization service for your unique tailor and fabric shop needs.
We understand the intricate needs of managing inventory and sales in a tailor shop. That's why our software allows you to effortlessly categorize various fabrics, materials, and readymade clothing items with details like yards in stock, cost per yard, and selling price per item.
Easily generate quotes, orders, and invoices while keeping real-time inventory synchronized across checkout and stock rooms.

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